Liam Villar Newborn - MA

"Liam’s life is an answer to many prayers. After trying to have kids for almost two years and three miscarriages I found out I was the problem. The doctor told me I should stop trying to have kids because I would have a lot more miscarriages and might not even have a healthy child. I would cry a lot and ask the Lord if he could give us child or if he had other plans for us. We decided that would wait and see what the Lord wanted us to do, maybe we could adopt. But then I got pregnant for the fourth time. I was afraid to lose another pregnancy but we decided to have faith, pray and fast and see what the Lord would do. And miraculously everything started to progress. Every doctors appointment we would receive more good news that everything was perfect. And every day we got a little more excited that we might actually be parents. And on April 15th Liam was born. Healthy and perfect. He is a miracle and a gift from the Lord. All glory be to God."