Laura Newborn - Massachusetts

When you decide to get into people's lives and photograph them in their own environment, you're making a commitment to get in and be a part of their lives. Now you are not just a professional somewhere in this world, but you have been chosen by that family, by that parent to record something very special for them. These photos are part of their story and they are making sure on keeping them not only in memory. And you know, this is all very intense for me, because I see how big It is. And I feel very happy to be chosen for it. I know that this family is trusting and expecting something from me.

I know that It was these expectations that Patricia had and I was immensely happy to have entered her life and being able to capture with my lenses Laura's early days. I know that these pictures are now what she has most precious of those early days of her beloved daughter, besides the memories of course.

In this session I mixed a bit of the reality of photojournalism with the classic of newborn portrait photography, using natural light knowledge.

Pati, thank you for letting me in and choosing me to record the early days of beautiful Laura. She's not as small as in the photos, she grew up fast, huh?! But I hope these pictures can be a beautiful memory for your life. Special kiss and hug! :)