Benjamin - Birth Photography Lowel/MA

Last month I had the joy of photographing the arrival of Benjamin. I posted his Baby Shower here on the blog and now I'll show you the pictures of his awesome day of birth. I had never seen a mother as calm as Nadja. She was really calm even in pain.

It was a very special day because, besides the importance of the arrival of a new life, there was much participation of her family and close friends. They were all together in the hospital room sharing all that excitement. We laughed and cried together. It's hard choosing a specific moment that I liked the most, but I guess my favorite one was when Ben came out of his mom's belly, we all literally cried. I didn't know what how to react. I had to manage to photograph and cry at the same time. Continuing with the camera in the eye and holding back all the emotions was a difficult decision. Anyway, that day came to be one of the most incredible days of my life. Today, every time I look at those pictures, I still smile and It's like I can remember that day as if It was happening today. This is the beauty of journalistic photography. Being able to relive a moment by looking at images and feeling inside of them is a gift. Nadja and family, thank you so much for the trust and all the affection that you had and still have with me on this journey. It's a huge pleasure to be a part of you with my pictures. Thank you! :)