Friends - Newburyport/MA

The day that we went to hang out in Newburyport... I was supposed to post these pictures around here since a long time ago, but this last month was kinda tight... However, they were never forgotten, I knew that I had to post them. This day was a special day that I had with my great friends. We went to grab some coffee in one of the cutest coffee shops that I have been in and we walked around the city. Since the first time I came to the United States, I fell in love with this city... I used to say to myself: Wow, I really want to live in a place like that! Ha-ha Well, If I'll live in a place like Newburyport one day , I don't know, but at least I have the pleasure of coming here sometimes to visit :) And talking about my friends again, since I had them with me, I decided to take some portrait pictures of them. So, in this post, you'll see pictures from the time we had inside of the coffee shop and the portraits. I hope you like it!. :D