Scarlet 9 Months - Baby Photoshoot

Actually, they are more than just clients... And It's not just one more baby. Each one of these sessions touches me in a different way. I get involved with each one of them. When I walk into a client's house, I try to take love with me and I also try to show them how special It is that moment that they are living. Baby Scarlet's photoshoot made me think about it. All the time that I've spent with her, photographing her curious little eyes looking to the camera, all the moments that she grabbed around my neck while I was trying to move her from one position to another and even when we Facetimed her grandma in the middle of the session made me feel so much joy to be there. Those moments made me once again sure about one of the things that I most like to do in life, It reminded why I chose to be a photographer. It's wonderful to be able to walk into people's life, inside of their houses, inside of their favorite spots to record important moments of their lives, just like this moment in Scarlet's life.